About Die Hard Yogi

Nine years ago owner Jenna Martin was involved in a car accident in which she suffered severe injuries – including a double lung collapse. The results were devastating as Jenna recounted, "It seemed like my body would never recover. I could barely backward bend and I laughed at the thought of ever being able to touch my toes. I couldn't hold my breathe any longer than 3 seconds at a time."

The injuries from the accident resulted in little to no hope of recovery Jenna remembers. It was then that she decided to incorporate hot yoga into her life. Her efforts to step on to the mat were met with positive results that quickly began to improve her life. As Jenna reflects, "The effects it had on me physically, mentally, and emotionally were dramatic." Her passion and life changing results of hot yoga led her to devote her life to the practice as she began teaching to help other people.

Jenna’s internal assessment is simply that - Die Hard Yogi represents many things.

"First and foremost, it's for all the clients that have been practicing at the studio with me for years. I know they have become Die Hard students of this life changing practice. I've had the honor of watching their individual dedication and practice blossom. I witnessed so very many people make remarkable transformations by integrating the practice into their lives. We have an amazing community that personifies the true meaning of yoga. I feel very privileged to be a part of their lives, and I am forever grateful for years for support, commitment, and dedication to the practice. When we understand we are simply working to bring awareness to our body and mind - it can be life changing. It will change your life for the better if you allow it to….as it's never a race or a competition. In every sense of our lives - it is truly a miraculous journey to heal the mind, body, and soul."

Jenna adds, "Die Hard Yogi is healing through concious evolution. It symbolizes the True journey of thyself. It is about diving deep to the depths of your soul to allow more room for transformation to unfold. It is unlocking infinite potential of both the human mind and eternal Self. It is a mission geared towards suicide prevention. As we learn to bring the mind and body into union, we can begin to free ourselves from negative thought patterns, behaviors, and conditioning that can create mental chaos which can be detrimental to mental health and lead to suicide." This resonates with Jenna on a very deep level - as she lost her Fiancé Brian in February of 2019.

Jenna is very resolute as she lists the reality that she and we face every day of our lives. She says, "As we move through difficult experiences that seem to break us down we can either remain stuck in that state of mind and let our Hell Consciousness take over the body and mind for the rest of our lives - or we dig deep through the darkness to find the true nature of our being. We can then begin to embrace the experiences and see that there is always more room to grow and evolve. As we face challenges both individually and collectively, we can rise above with strength, faith, and love. With perseverance we can go deeply within ourselves and allow a mass transformation to unwind and realign us with our Soul purpose. There is always a way out of our own suffering. It means incorporating these practices both on and off the mat into our daily lives. When we cultivate self-love and a deep appreciation for gratitude, we begin to change ourselves on a deep rooted level. We work on raising and moving energetic blocks by dropping limited beliefs and exercising more love, compassion, kindness and non-judgment in our everyday lives by expanding our heart center.”

For Jenna and those who are students of this positive life altering practice, it is this simple; "Yoga signifies a deep self-transformation on all levels, if you allow it. Yoga can show us how to use our love and light to strengthen our Will and find courage to step into a deeper level of trust, surrender, and union with the divine. When we expand our consciousness we realize that there are no limitations besides those we create for ourselves. At those moments we can choose to reach up to our fullest potential where we can surrender to all resistance. It is then we have the ability to tap into Heaven conciousness before we lay our physical bodies down to rest...Shavasana."

Jenna is a mother of two that is carrying out the rebrand in memory of her late Fiance' Brian Cherba.

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