Die - Hard Yogi Testimonials

For my wife and I Hot Yoga seemed simple enough - participating in this mind body practice in a very warm environment.  We experienced it initially at the urging of our daughter.  My wife and I have been married partners for over 37 and have been athletes our entire lives and we were prepared for the rigor of this new experience as explained to us both.  Our “maiden voyage” into this heated and improved version of the ancient mind body practice of yoga was, as it is for many – an awakening.  We picked-up the regular participation of these practice sessions in the “hot room” almost 6 years ago now and we have never looked back over our shoulder – except for our spinal twisting poses!

To practice Hot Yoga is to participate in our collective human history of over five millennia to our origin as a people.  For us Hot Yoga took this cleansing mind - body philosophy to an improved level that created comfort and repair to the significant injuries that both my wife and I have sustained over a lifetime of activity.  It’s clear that anyone who remains athletic and active – will sustain injuries.  As a competitive Triathlete, muscular and connective tissue injuries followed my wife Debbie as she trained and raced.  My weight trained physiology took the pounding that only comes with that kind progressive resistance stress.  Anyone who practices Hot Yoga will avail themselves of the physical healing and restoration from regular practice.  Hot Yoga also repairs us internally by tapping into our invisible energy by exploring the mystery of bridging the complexities of our mind – body and spirit.  Hot Yoga is renewal.  Hot Yoga is your own private elixir.  Hot Yoga will repair you.  Hot Yoga will sustain you. Hot Yoga will change you… if you let it…and if you let it - you will never leave the collective energy that surrounds you in your practice.   In our home town of Kenosha, my wife and I are the very definition of what being a Die-Hard Yogi is every day!

David & Debbie McRoberts

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